Carbon Neutral Polypropylene Sheet

19 May 2017

Plastics Australia is pleased to announce that our 100% recycled polypropylene sheet has been certified “Carbon Neutral”.


Plastics Australia is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and accordingly, we have developed strong relationships with like minded material manufacturers. Almost all human activity has an impact on the environment. Being 100% recycled, the poly sheet we use to manufacture our E-series products creates fewer emissions, and now the poly sheet manufacturer offsets any CO2 it produces by purchasing certified carbon credits. This means, the production of the poly sheet adds ZERO net CO2 to the atmosphere.

ZERO net CO2 to the atmosphere

Our supply partners underwent a third party audit to determine the emissions they were responsible for – their ‘carbon footprint’. The audit included all energy and water used at all sites, plus inputs to production, plane travel, everything they purchase, even car travel to and from work! All of these activities have an ‘emissions factor’ of CO2 that they add to the atmosphere. From the total carbon footprint, some of the CO2 has been separated as emissions from the recycled family of sheet. Our supply partners buy ‘carbon offsets’ which save the same amount of CO2 as the recycled sheet produces. They do this by investing in projects that save emissions, such as developing renewable energy. The 100% recycled polypropylene that we use at Plastics Australia is Australian made, 100% recyclable, completely non-toxic and safe. It is the plastic of choice that ensures the quality outcomes you expect for all your POS display, packaging and stationery needs, whilst doing your bit for the environment. By purchasing from the E-series range, or by utilizing smart materials like the 100% recycled poly sheet in your custom designs, we really can make a difference to CO2 emissions and decrease our impact on the environment.