Suspension Hangfile Open Filing Boxes

    Suspension Files made to last &  NOW IN BIG A3 SIZE!

  • The easy – long lasting – solution for bulky files, publications and other difficult to store items.
  • Unique hanging tabs allow for easy storage in your suspension filing cabinet, with cut out handles for easy retrieval.
  • Each box comes with a title tab for easy indentification of files when in filing cabinet.
  • Made from strong, durable, fully recyclable polypropylene. Also available in recycled “Calico” polypropylene.
  • Available in 25mm, 50mm and 100mm capacities.
  • Product size (h x w) 245 x 372 mm x capacity. (dimensions do not include lugs for hanging. Lugs extend out approx. 20 mm)  –  SUITS FOOLSCAP FILING CABINETS.
  • Available in Standard (foolscap) A4 AND  A3 sizes
  • Comes flat ready to assemble.

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