Tripod VS Easel Binder

10 August 2020

Is it a Tripod Binder?  Is it an Easel Binder?  Does it matter?


The short answer is no….it doesn’t matter what we call it.  How does the saying go – ‘a rose by any other name …”?


But – for the record, as far as Plastics People speak goes:

  • If the stand parts make a triangle shape and it can work like a flip chart, we call it a Tripod Binder.   (below left)


  • If its stand uses the ring fitting as the 3rd leg, and the contents continue to turn from side to side like a regular binder- we call it an Easel binder.  (below right)



Do you want to flip over the top; or flop from side to side?

The truly important issue between these 2 binders is the functionality.


Do you want to flip over the top; or flop from side to side?


Both style binders work well in PVC or polypropylene materials, and can be decorated or personalised with printing, and additional pockets etc.


Tripod binders in polypropylene allow 2 varieties.  A FIXED tripod, or a traditional style binder that closes and converts to a tripod when needed.

The Easel style works best in PVC.  However, as the covers feature a hinge so that the top section can fold back there may be some constraints around artwork design.



When not in use – both style binders are simply regular binders, but with a quick flick, the support can be extended and the binder stands freely on a desktop.


No matter the style, Easel or Tripod binders are the perfect presentation tool, keeping all your important displays in the one place, and yet completely mobile.   These binders are ideal for sales reps, training sessions and quick reference files.