Modulodoc – Literature Sorter – Jumbo Starter

Modulodoc – the perfect modular A4 mail & Literature Sorter.
Any way you want it!

  • You want it low; it’s low.
  • Your want it narrow; it’s narrow.
  • You want it humungous; it’s humungous!
  • You want it colour coded; it’s colour coded.
  • You want it with 6 bays; it’s got 6 bays.
  • You want it with 60 bays; it’s got 60 bays.
  • You want drawers for confidentiality; it’s got drawers.

You get the idea; now get the Modulodoc, the perfect modular mail & literature sorter.

Two module sizes: Normal: 56mm or Jumbo: 110mm deep; can be mixed.


The JUMBO Starter Set has enough components to make a 2 bay unit, or is ideal for quick add-ons.

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