Pro Tip: Binder Building Basics

19 June 2020

So you’ve got some documents that need to go in a ring binder, but you just don’t want to use a basic white insert binder, or any of the mass produced, poorly constructed ones available in the main retail outlets?

You need something that more professionally represents your corporate / project image.
You need a binder that stands out.
You need a binder designed to your personal specifications.

When you ask us to provide a proposal for your custom designed binder, we’re going to ask some questions to ensure that the design both functionally and aesthetically meets your requirements. We’ll develop your specifications.

To be prepared – it’s a good idea to consider the following points.



  • How is binder going to be used, by whom, and how often?
    • This helps us determine which materials to suggest to ensure the construction is durable enough for its intended use.



  • What size paper / documents will be stored in the binder?
  • How many sheets, and what weight (standard copy paper is 80gsm)?
    • This will determine the overall size of the binder, and the capacity of ring fitting required.
    • It will also help us determine if an “0”shaped or “D” shaped ring will be most suitable, and helps us recommend 2, 3 or 4rings.



  • What colour and texture would you like in the material – Smooth, grained like leather or have a fabric feel.
    • Standard PVCS are available in a range of colours and textures.
  • What kind of decoration would you like? We can
    • encapsulated full colour photographic quality cards,
    • apply glossy foil prints in gold and silver,
    • deboss an image into the material
    • screen print in multiple colours and
    • digital print in CMYK.
    • Do you want decorative corners?


  • Will your binder need index tabs too? We can help with that.
  • Extra pockets, name card holders, title slots on the spine?
  • Would you like the binder to be complete – kitted with your printed inserts?



  • Have an idea of what you want to pay per item and we’ll do our best to design a binder that meets your functional needs, design dreams and budget.



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