Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The prime objectives of Plastics (Aust) Pty Ltd are to provide our customers with a cost effective product that meets their requirements and one that we can be proud to say we manufactured.
To achieve these objectives, our products must meet the following criteria:
• Conformance to the customers specifications;
• Ability to fulfil the function for which they are designed;
• High quality workmanship;
• Possess such qualities that will attract potential customers;
• Provide the best value for money for our customers;
• Comply with the quality management requirements of ISO 9002 thus ensuring that our system is monitored for effectiveness and continued suitability.
We are fully committed to the successful implementation and maintenance of this company’s quality management system and all our personnel are conscious of this commitment to quality and the role they play in achieving these objectives.
Everyone at Plastics (Aust) Pty Ltd is familiar with the quality programme and of the need to adhere to our quality policy. This has allowed the company to meet all customer expectations including co-operation, presentation, product quality and delivery and to achieve continuous improvement in our performance.
We believe that the company’s success depends on quality being “built in” to the company’s operations and not through products being “inspected out” at the end. For this reason, we seek similar assurance of quality from our suppliers in order that we can maintain consistent performance every time.