Graduation – It’s a Big Deal!

22 May 2019

Graduation – IT’S A BIG DEAL!

Whether it’s your child’s kindergarten or university graduation, your spouse’s, siblings’ or parents’ – a graduation it’s a big deal.  And here’s why….

It is so much more than just getting a degree or certificate; it represents much of what we do to live a life worth living.  Graduations signify a cementing of knowledge and achievement, and nobody can take away your education.  It’s for life!

A graduation ceremony is a celebration of everything it took to get there – all the grit, endurance, strategies, team work, faith and a mostly unwavering commitment to tomorrows’ self.  It is an opportunity to acknowledge the community that carried us to this point, and a moment in time when pride, joy, relief and hope abound.  Little of the journey’s he-said-she-said drama, broken hearts and hurt feelings survive a graduation and we witness in that moment the graduate’s learned skills of transition, and the excitement of starting anew and embracing the next adventure.

The experience is so powerful, that merely looking upon the certificate received on the day, can evoke all the emotions, the joy, the pride, and hope again.  And so the paper becomes as cherished as the experience.

Anything cherished is worth showing off and keeping safe.

Plastics Australia have a range of Graduation folders, certificate pockets and display boards ideally suited to that aim.  Many styles are available from stock, and many more can be easily customised with the School or University emblems.