Best Way to Store Appliance Manuals & Warranty Cards

16 August 2014

Design Solution 426: Trac Constructions.

Adam is a Builder & Property Developer and asked, “How can I keep all the appliance manuals, remote controls, warranty cards and keys etc for a new development together before hand over to the new owner?”
Easy Adam! With a HAND-OVER KIT!
Our HAND-OVER KITS are designed from super durable and recyclable polypropylene, and they make keeping everything clean, neat and together a cinch.
But more importantly, they are affordable, AND extend your BRAND into the new owner’s home.
They won’t easily forget what a great job you did, when they’re looking to build or buy again!
Just look at the stuff Adam’s putting into these snazzy new Hand-Over Kits for Trac Constructions’ latest development! – Nexus Apartments in Nundah.